EPCs For Solar PV installations

Do I need an EPC for a Solar PV Installation?

Yes. From 1st April 2012, a property will require an EPC that achieves at least a "D" rating in order to qualify for certain feed in tariffs

Why does it need to be done?

The Government are keen that any property that qualifies for higher levels of feed in tariff are efficient in their own right, before the solar PV installation. This is considered to be achieved with a "D" rating for an EPC.

What happens if my property does not achieve a "D" rating?

The EPC will highlight areas that can be improved upon, and would help a property to achieve the "D" rating. These measures should be carried out, and then the property should be re-assessed to confirm the rating. At that point, the installation would be eligible for the higher tariffs. Your solar PV provider will be able to advise you further. If you wish to discuss this with us before the assessment, please feel free to call us on 01253 820271 or 07792 258735, and we will be happy to help.

When does it need to be done by?

The EPC needs to be done before the solar PV installation

How much will it cost?

The cost is the same as for any other property - 35.00.